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FOX Business
Aug 1, 2013 6:00pm EDT
or nature well are the areas affected. people in alabama, florida, georgia, l ouisiana, mississippi should cheek freezers for the 93% the in ground beef for throwaway or return it for a refund. reports yet with any links to the beach yet but we will bring you the latest. saints quarterback drew brees under fire for leaving a freak -- $30 tip on the tab he said he did that to the waiter but on a takeout order. we have the president of the protocol school in washington. i want to show people that have. a bill of $74 and $0.71 so the total he paid was $77 and $0.41. take out orders no service in did not sit down is that right? >> absolutely he is not a cheapskate actually he did not have to it is not expected to tip on a takeout order. he got slammed so hard in the media on twitter and all social media calling him bad to reduces. he is cheap or a jerk, etc. but those people are the bad actors. >> absolute the. with that ipad and the tablets in the sale this but the reality is he was right. gerri: he said if anybody cares i tipped $3 on a takeout order if i sat own it would have been 20% plus
FOX Business
Aug 8, 2013 6:00pm EDT
of mississippi just as well. there is not a state that is not impacted by florida. they do the best job with it. but they are all states that have issues with structurally deficient bridges. gerri: an impressive report. i bet you might be originally from the south. iredell of bevan accent. >> just a little bit. it's an important issue. i believe so. gerri: well, onto the market. it is the fear index, the vix or folacin -- volatility index. it turns out it may not be the best way to spot risk. we watch the vix every single day here at fox business, but you say really the vision is limited. why? >> it does a good job of doing that. most investors are more interested once by an outside the u.s. and had to adjust the stock market and are more interested in what might happen 30 days down the road. gerri: that is a great point. alito's is a much. the s&p 500 is not debatable window into what is done in the market. we will be the better index to think about, the indices, hence, clues of where to look at what to think about. >> a shot tillich's something outside of the u.s., many opportunities. concern
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2